If you check Sacred Space Online you will see several yoga classes incorporating an infinity pattern sequence into the routine.  One day as I did this up and down continuous flow on the yoga mat, I envisioned an analogy to life’s path.  Life is an infinity pattern and symbol. It is not linear from birth to death, with a definite beginning and end.  It is not even circular, where, though continuous, all is equally on a flat playing surface.


Rather, life is a Figure 8 Infinity on its side, ups and downs, highs and lows, meeting always at the same shared dot in the center of it all, a vertex/vortex of sorts. The center dot is the reckoning place of it all, a resting place if you will, a place to catch your breath in retrospection and reflection, and also in preparation for the next exhilarating mountaintop experience, or low of the valley. Events, feelings, relationships, highs and lows, good times and bad, all meeting eventually at the center of our being, to evaluate, assess, analyze, and then move on to continue flowing on our path of infinity.

Copyright 2017 Linda Parks. Used with permission.

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